Pond Plumbing Diagram

I can’t sleep so why not draw a diagram of my pond and its plumbing. Some of this is still in the works. I currently only have one pump which feeds from bottom drain and skimmer and returns some water to the filter and some to the jets. The filter discharges into the veggie filter which flows over the waterfall back to the main pond. I can slow my filter flow rate by using ball valves. I can also shut off skimmer during feeding. all pipe is 2 inches. Not shown are check valves before the pump and before the 3 way valve, and a drain line from the former bog to the left side of the pond. The raised bed sits about 2.5 feet above the main pond and the filter outlet is another 1 foot higher.

my Koi Pond Diagram

EPDM 40 Mil Liner
Retrofit bottom drain plumbed to 2″ bulkhead at 6″ below water level
Danner 5000 Skimmer
PerformancePro Artesan 2 speed pump
Waterco Multicyclone 50 Prefilter
3 way Jandy valve
Shipping bin filter with Japanese mats
PVC pipe, 4 Ball Valves, check valves, several unions
Pondmaster 40 airpump

UPDATE: Here is a revision after some changes:

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